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“If our age were to be named for the materials that characterise it – as were the Stone Ages and Bronze Ages of the past – this might be known as the age of plastics. For plastics, made of synthetic giant molecules, have become a dominating influence on modern society.”     Dr. Guilio Natta


These famous words are more significant than ever before. No other field of science has changed the world we live in so dramatically as has Polymer Science.

PISA’s vision is to be a respected institute that harnesses talent in the plastics industry. The years of sustained growth and development within the plastics industry bear testimony to the need for  “the best person for the job”. The definition of what constitutes “the best “ is defined in part by what transpires in a country or community at a certain point of a person’s development.

The definition of merit should go beyond the ability to do the job here and now and include the potential to do the job in future. However, all these are achievable given the appropriate training and motivation.

Each year, PISA offers bursaries to two full-time students studying plastics technology at recognised technikons in the Republic of South Africa. The bursary is results-driven and is maintained until the student completes the study in the designated plastic field.